Caroline McDougall

Caroline McDougall

Master Counselling and Human Services, Bachelor Education, Diploma Community Services

Counselling and Psychotherapy


Caroline McDougall

Caroline McDougall

Caroline McDougall is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist and emotion-focused counsellor. She specializes in process-experiential emotion focused therapy.

Caroline McDougall Experience

Caroline has practically two decades of restorative experience dealing with individuals from all profession in both the public market and also in private setups. She operates in the Bayside of Melbourne where her private method has been developed for 13 years. She has extensive postgraduate (Masters) training in coaching (Latrobe University) where she focused on process-experiential emotion-focused treatment. In her practice she uses a specialized method where her focus on this healing design has been tried and also evaluated over numerous successful years of technique.

Caroline McDougall – what people say

Caroline is well-known to be a caring, skilled and friendly individual. Her clients express recognition and also gratefulness for her patience as well as generosity. This strategy is fairly uncommon in our culture where words like ‘professional’ underpin most therapeutic methods.


Caroline McDougallCaroline supplies, with her dedication and also interest for altering the lives of others, a cozy as well as caring healing environment. Her practice is underpinned with a strong as well as skilled strategy, which generates a feeling of safety in her customers. She provides an unwavering recovery-based therapy, taking her clients on a journey of adjustment which is both effective as well as continuous. This technique, drawing on Gendlin’s Focusing, dives deep into the inner operations of the mind, and permits people to overcome their agonizing as well as occasionally stressful past or existing experiences.

This method of recycling emotionally challenging past or existing experiences or events is a lot more than a desensitizing process. It in fact functions to create an extensive sense of liberty from that terrible experience by quiting old patterns of acting. This process takes place by redesigning the wiring of the brain to make sure that the reasoning as well as the sensation and then the outside behaviours are all working in a lot more healthy and balanced method. Caroline thinks this is the only method to help individuals via a mild yet powerful procedure of change and also launch from the past. So whatever the stressful experience was, it is remembered, because indeed, it did happen, however the influence of that event in present daily life, and the emotional intensity and effect of the event, are significantly decreased.

Caroline McDougall Interests: “WHAT IS COUNSELLING”

Caroline McDougall CounsellingAmong the main reasons that people discover concerning counselling useful, is that it can be a favorable experience talking through a trouble with a skilled counsellor. An experienced counsellor will not evaluate you. Often talking with family and friends can be tough, awkward and come to be made complex. Everybody has their own agenda, so it is hard for others to speak to you without bringing their own experience right into the formula.

A knowledgeable counsellor is trained to step back, and be self-aware, to ensure that they are not bringing their own viewpoints, schedule, or value system right into the counselling area. An experienced counsellor is additionally extremely educated to stimulate long-lasting modification in your brain, and also for that reason in your life. Caroline is proficient and very educated to supply you the right approach in your trip of growth and adjustment.

Think of therapy as the relationship between 2 human beings (client as well as counsellor) that work together. This partnership is basically based on count on, compassion, factor to consider as well as unconditional positive regard. With the well balanced ideological background of this person-centred method, Caroline will deal with you to fix your troublesome thinking/feeling/behavioural experiences.

If your issue is prompt as well as quickly solved, therapy may last for a couple of sessions, and also could be focused on finding an option for the presenting issue. This might be an issue that is occurring in any kind of element of your life. Maybe something happening at the office or in your relationship. Maybe any other trouble you are having in your life. As everyone is special, so too will be each problem. That also suggests that the remedy per person’s concerns is very tailored and also specific too. There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ strategy to reliable therapy. Numerous techniques today are standard and are not made to take a look at the completely distinct makeup of each human being.

Through practically two decades of experience, Caroline will certainly bring her empathy, skills, as well as her true belief that each person is a new obstacle, with layers to be carefully peeled off away. You will certainly discover she will hear you without judgement, and also will bring understanding, knowledge and eager user-friendly capability to allow you to discover your issues in security and discretion.

Some facets of your sessions could include psycho-education and also training to discover valuable abilities to enhance partnerships with others at home or at work. Counselling might likewise include learning strategies such as mindfulness as well as leisure as an adjunct to therapy and also a pathway for self-soothing. This could assist you to discover positive and also relaxing methods to deal with basic tension. These methods likewise aid you to understand as well as handle the link between your ideas, feelings and also practices.

Knowing new patterns on a range of degrees will certainly boost your basic health and wellbeing and your wish to function much deeper right into the procedure of change. Please ask should you desire to include mindfulness technique into your healing trip. Caroline could recommend private or group sessions to give this chance to boost your healing makeover. These group sessions are held at her therapy spaces in Bayside Melbourne.


If, with after exploration with Caroline, you discover that your problem is deeper and also possibly the result of previous life changing experiences from your, after that psychotherapy will certainly assist.

Many people believe that life is about finding meaning, having an orientation or function, as well as feeling satisfied or material. However, many individuals live their lives dealing with feeling depressed or nervous, and also addicted to drugs consisting of alcohol. These all fall under the banner of repeated maladaptive patterns of behaviour. This additionally includes having an unhealthy partnership with food, called disordered eating. At the end of the day, every one of the above result in individuals struggling to handle or stabilise their emotions. Depression is a persistent state of adverse experiencing, flattened state of mind, issues experiencing enjoyment and also ad photo of self which is cruel and also self-critical. Like clinical depression, anxiety is a state which pesters many individuals as well as a matter of fact ends up being a negative routine created by the body’s nerve system to disguise deeper psychological problems.

Trained in a versatile, very reliable technique called process-experiential emotion-focused treatment, Caroline will aim to get to the origin of exactly what lies underneath surface area states such as depression as well as anxiousness. The procedure begins with a concerted diligent strategy of empathic attunement. This suggests Caroline really strives to recognize you, to develop connection and reach an understanding of the inner world of that you are. This will certainly offer Caroline a sense of you, the whole person, not simply the component you offer to the external world.

Caroline then promotes a mild yet complicated process of working out under the surface area to discover your individual experiences. The objective of this process is to assist you into a detailed combination of your feelings. Hence you will certainly begin to deal with more regulated means of sensation, assuming as well as behaving. By slowly difficult patterns of behavior which have triggered difficulty for you in your life, you will expand in self-understanding, self-awareness and confidence. The favorable change intrinsic to this new fresh state of emotional knowledge will positively influence every single facet of your life. You will certainly attract in even more positive experiences and better partnerships with others, and a lot more significantly, with on your own.

As an outcome of this self-exploration and leap right into change, you will certainly locate a feeling of internal harmony, as well as in general you will seem like a much improved variation of on your own, without the luggage of the past, or the worry of an unidentified future. Energy and satisfaction will certainly be the gifts you can lug gently through your everyday life.

Caroline McDougall Training / Qualifications

Caroline is specifically trained in process-experiential emotion concentrated treatment (PEEFT), an in theory based as well as empirically supported humanistic psychotherapy which highlights the relevance of the restorative partnership. PEEFT is likewise underpinned by person-centred treatment, the brain-child of Carl Rogers. Rogers believed that therapeutic change could just happen where there is a strong relationship between customer as well as specialist. Thus the worths of empathy, genuine favorable respect as well as a profound belief that the client could be master of their very own modification are strong functions of this functioning model.

This model also makes use of Gestalt therapy, another psychotherapeutic technique developed by Fritz Perls. This is an existential/experiential type of psychiatric therapy which emphasizes individual responsibility, and also concentrates on the private’sexperience in today moment, the relationship between the client and also the therapist, the environmental and social contexts of a person’s life, and the automatic people could ake as a result of their general scenario.

Working from a PEEFT perspective will permit you and also Caroline to identify, check out, process, transform and integrate your experiences. This occurs from an emotional viewpoint, together with reflective handling, in order to make deep, effective and also most significantly long-lasting change.

PEEFT also employs a task called ‘experiential focusing’ to do this. Developed by Gendlin, experiential concentrating is a means of routing attention inwards, where the customer can enable themselves to ‘go within’ and also access their deepest emotions. This intervention functions well together with mindfulness, which only boosts the procedure. Those people who have actually practiced mindfulness have the tendency to respond a lot more effectively to the therapeutic trip of change offered by PEEFT. So Caroline uses her facilitation of mindfulness skills in order to boost this process. The procedure of concentrating with an experienced facilitator will enable you to be open to your present state, as well as with Alice, be curious about just what specific felt-senses and also feelings mean for you.

So, you could see from this huge selection of information, that Caroline is a specialized therapist that makes use of a range of abilities in order to help you transform your life. You are the captain of your personal ship and the master of your personal destiny. You do have options, and also above all, utmost responsibility to be the change you want to see within you.

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